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The 360 Photo Booth, Also referred to as the spin photo booth or red carpet booth, provides Cinematic effects for your events.


This is a true video experience for your guests.

The camera rotates at high speed 

around a person(s) and creates a video 

with cool slow-motion effects, Overlays, and music.

Wireless Remote Operation (not rotated by hand from Attendant)

Variable Speeds, Slo Motion Option

Extremely Smooth Start and Stop

6.3” Tall Platform (smallest in the industry) 

Custom Designed Overlays for Videos

Custom Video FX and Animated Overlays



10-20 Second Videos per session

Share to phone via Text, Email, Airdrop

Quality Lighting

Post Event Online Gallery

360 Props


Stagecoach 360 Booth
360 Photo Booth Stagecoach
360 Photo Booth Coachella
Slo Motion Photo Booth
360 Booth Palm Springs
360 Booth Brand Activation
360 Spin Booth
360 Booth Pride
360 Booth Palm Springs
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