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Photo Booths

We provide two Open Photo Booth styles. You have your choice between our Vintage Photo Booths or our Modern Photo Booths. These photo booths offer you the ability to have a Green Screen, Animated .Gifs, Social Sharing and groups of up to 12 guests in the picture. Our Modern photo booths come in black or white and offer an elegant sleek design.

Photo Booths


Our Vintage Photo Booths resemble an early 20th Century camera with some Bohemian flair. Great for rustic or Boho themed events. These booths may have a vintage look but still offer your guests all the modern technology.

vintage open photo booth with sequin backdrop
social photo booth outdoors

Photo Booths


Our Social Photo Booths offer your guests the option of a photo strip, .Gif or Boomerang. You are able to fully customize the strip/Boomerang design. Your guests can then share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email, and Airdrop! These booths do not include printer but are budget friendly.


Photo Booths

We provide white or black Enclosed Photo Booth rentals. Our enclosed photo booths offer your guests a truly nostalgic photo booth experience. Equipted with arcade buttons and a reto pinstriped bench, fitting up to 3 adults comfortably and offering full privacy.

enclosed photo booth
traditional photo booth joshua tree

Photo Booths


We currently offer two styles of enclosed booths. Our white enclosed booth offers high quality photos, ability to share your pictures and animated .gifs. Our Black Enclosed Booth is a purely vintage photo booth operating off of arcade buttons for color or B&W prints.

Photo Booths


Love Instagram? So do we! Our Instagram Photo Booths allow you to create your own event #hashtag and print your instagram photos directly from our station in real-time. The prints are fully customizable just like our Open and Enclosed Photo Booth rentals.

instagram photo booth
virtual photo booth

Photo Booth


Our lives have changed due to COVID-19, but that shouldn't stop us from seeing friends and family and creating lasting memories. Our Virtual Booth allows you to do that safely from your home. Take selfies with your phone, text the image to a provided phone number and immediately receive a custom designed photo strip with your filter. Virtual Green Screen available!