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permanent photo booth




photo booth for a bar
Create a fun and interactive experience for your customers while they become Brand Ambassadors for your business!

Do your customers have a great time at your venue? Harness their enjoyment through social media and allow them to share to their favorite social site. Permanent Booth installations increase revenue to your business by drawing in new customers and increasing social media traffic while creating an exciting and fun experience for your guests.

photo booth at a bar

A permanently installed photo booth is like having a Professional Photographer on site 24-7 who knows how to take the BEST selfies for social media, and continually does your marketing for you! 

Your @SocialHandle and #CreativeHashtag is included when sharing!
permanent photo booth
restaurant photo booth

A setup that seamlessly integrates into any space and is a memorable experience in itself, Classic Photo Booths  permanent installation is specially created for easy sharing to make a huge splash in social media impressions and creates authentic brand advocates instantly. Every user will take a well-lighted photo, boomerang or animated .gif with your branding and share to their social media!

Permanent photo booth installations are the perfect solution to your next long-term marketing campaign, whether it be a Restaurant, Hotel, Salon, Tattoo Shop, Retail Store, Airport, or Shopping Centre a permanent booth is right for you!
permanent photo booth
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